A case for choosing Dovetaildrawersofrichmond.com

Some may say quality cabinetry is a fine art of the past. There is a discernible amount of skill required to make something structurally sound and visually appealing. It is not unusual to find that cabinetry that looks good might not be well put together; and things solidly made may be lacking in eye appeal. Balancing both structure and beauty is an enduring value that is shared and enjoyed by all for many years to come.
So how does one judge quality in cabinetry? Certainly there is value in using solid quality woods, embellishments and finishing details; however, one must always consider the basic framework. To be sure, drawer construction is one very key indicator of the overall quality of any furniture. Well made drawers generally speak to the overall manner in which an item is put together. A strong well assembled drawer generally dictates a cabinet that will serve you longer than most. Drawers are the functional compartments which will continually undergo the greatest stress. As most cabinetry is designed to be stationary, it suffers weighted storage and motion.
There are various methods employed to construct drawers; however, dovetail joinery is proven to be the most durable. Dovetail Drawers of Richmond uses a Cantek ( dovetail machine) to create high quality and lasting dovetail joints. The conjoining surfaces are glued and locked together to form a bond that is guaranteed for the lifetime of your cabinetry. All drawers are made to your specifications with the highest attention to detail. Dovetail Drawers of Richmond is a subsidiary OF Robin’s Custom Woodworks, a fully equipped cabinet shop that has been serving the greater Richmond, Virginia area for over 9 years. We specialize in high end quality work and guarantee a speedy turnaround time. Check us out at dovetaildrawersofrichmond.com Your one stop only shop for the best quality drawer boxes.