No custom job too small

Here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks one of our favorite jobs are custom build in’s, vanities and even beautiful tables. Regarding our build in’s. We have made them fit seamlessly into the historic homes in the Fan neighborhood of Richmond. We have put them in newer homes and they fit just as seamlessly there.

Bathroom vanities can be a small change like a vanity can take an ordinary bathroom and turn it a luxury spa like retreat only better you don’t have to make any reservations. Opulence and beauty in your own home. You provide the fluffy towels.

Our woodworkers can craft gorgeous custom tables and bar tops as well from unique pieces of wood. You wouldn’t believe the show stoppers that these tables are. Woods that we like to use for these include peaky cypress, walnut and even reclaimed wood.





Also we love to craft kitchen islands. Not only do they add beauty to a kitchen and really amplify the “custom” , they also add an enormous amount of functionality. I mean who doesn’t want extra storage space? Also on this particular island is a beautiful oiled wood top. We can make a large island! We can make a small island! We will gladly make whichever sized island that you need! From the simplest of styles to intricate details that you will love to show off to friends and neighbors. You’ll find yourself wanting to host dinner parties just to show off the island.

We truly believe in this day and age every home should have something in it that you cannot find in another house.

Typically, this starts with a visit into the showroom. We love for you guys to have a look at the quality you can expect from us here at RCW. At this point we love you to bring in any drawings or photos of what you might like to have in your home.
After this appointment usually we Robin will make an appointment go out to your home and take measurements if needed. Quotes are given and if a quote is accepted then we will write up a contract. We also have a draftswoman who can do custom shop drawings of the project. The time this process takes really does vary but we will keep you up to speed every step of the way.

Give us a call or send us an email today we’d really love to help you make your home more beautiful, most custom and more YOU!

A case for choosing

Some may say quality cabinetry is a fine art of the past. There is a discernible amount of skill required to make something structurally sound and visually appealing. It is not unusual to find that cabinetry that looks good might not be well put together; and things solidly made may be lacking in eye appeal. Balancing both structure and beauty is an enduring value that is shared and enjoyed by all for many years to come.
So how does one judge quality in cabinetry? Certainly there is value in using solid quality woods, embellishments and finishing details; however, one must always consider the basic framework. To be sure, drawer construction is one very key indicator of the overall quality of any furniture. Well made drawers generally speak to the overall manner in which an item is put together. A strong well assembled drawer generally dictates a cabinet that will serve you longer than most. Drawers are the functional compartments which will continually undergo the greatest stress. As most cabinetry is designed to be stationary, it suffers weighted storage and motion.
There are various methods employed to construct drawers; however, dovetail joinery is proven to be the most durable. Dovetail Drawers of Richmond uses a Cantek ( dovetail machine) to create high quality and lasting dovetail joints. The conjoining surfaces are glued and locked together to form a bond that is guaranteed for the lifetime of your cabinetry. All drawers are made to your specifications with the highest attention to detail. Dovetail Drawers of Richmond is a subsidiary OF Robin’s Custom Woodworks, a fully equipped cabinet shop that has been serving the greater Richmond, Virginia area for over 9 years. We specialize in high end quality work and guarantee a speedy turnaround time. Check us out at Your one stop only shop for the best quality drawer boxes.

2017 NARI Beer and BBQ!

The event and grillmasters:

On Friday May 19 our owner Robin Davis had the immense privilege of sharing grill master duties for the NARI  Beer and BBQ with our good friend Kyle Martin of B.K. Martin Construction.

Robin LOVES to grill master for as it combines to things we love here at Robin’s- delicious BBQ and beer not to mention a great organization.  As does Kyle who had the original Beer and BBQ years ago!

Robin has actually BUILT two of his own smokers for both his personal use and events such as this. We also purchased our own large tent for these events. We plan to have at least one for employees this summer.









The organization:

NARI stands for National Association of Remodeling Industry. They work in the remodeling industry to promote ethics and good business practice. Each May the put on the Beer and BBQ event which was started by Kyle Martin originally the event was held out at his beautiful business location in Manakin-Sabot.

The location:

The event has been held out at the Marva Galleria of Stone for the last few years- speaking of Marva, have you been out there? Truly beautiful stone and absolutely wonderful people.

The meat:

They smoked pork ribs, pork butt, chickens and even a turkey. Robin also made some of his Richmond famous baked beans.

Picture photo credits:

We also had our amazing friends from RVA Photography come on by to take some photos for us.  We will be working with these two wonderful people quite a bit in the future to have them take photos of our finished projects. Look for us to feature them in a blog soon. Also some photos had been taken by Robin Davis’s significant other, Amy Desaedeleer. RCW Office Manager Angela Katz and her daughter Cyane de Bordenave.

Special thanks:

Special thanks to all of those who attended, Marva Galleria of Stone for hosting the event,  NARI and NARI exectutive director Angela Hubbard, Bob Farinholt, Charles Shade, Wes Mullins, Amy Desaedeleer, and Otis. Also a very special thanks to the worlds two best pint sized helpers Cyane and Ethan de Bordenave.

Islands and our team

Say you’ve already got kitchen that you “like” but you don’t LOVE it yet. You can customize that kitchen by simply adding an island. Here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks we can match existing work as we have below. If you look at this image it looks as if the island has always been there. 

Not only do they add beauty to a kitchen and really amplify the “custom” , they also add an enormous amount of functionality. I mean who doesn’t want extra storage space? Also on this particular island is a beautiful oiled wood top. We can make a large island! We can make a small island! We will gladly make whichever sized island that you need! From the simplest of styles to intricate details that you will love to show off to friends and neighbors. You’ll find yourself wanting to host dinner parties just to show off the island! 


Before and After: Lindsey kitchen edition

This was a really fun job we did for the Lindsey’s out in Midlothian, Virginia. We crafted  custom sink wall cabinets, double oven walls cabinets, pantry and an island. They were painted Behr “Cotton Knit” and and then glazed with “Espresso Bean” . We also  made an absolutely gorgeous custom bathroom vanity with linen closet attached in the same colors. A truly one of a kind look for a restroom. 

Before- A very pretty kitchen- but these customers desired something a little more.
After- we really love how this kitchen was turned into something phenomenal every single detail is simply perfection. Love customers with vision!
We LOVE to make our customers smile like this!
Absolutely gorgeous vanity with linen closet featuring antique glazing detail













We helped them transform a pretty kitchen and turned it into a real show stopper of a custom kitchen. The Lindsey’s have excellent taste and you can see it in every single detail. 

The glazing itself was quite a process- Called a flood coat glazing.. it had to be painted on and then carefully smudged to give the very beautiful  detail that they really liked- this process made it take 2-3 times longer to complete but we think that it turned out so beautiful and unique it was worth every bit of time. Another fun fact:  this was one of the few jobs we had every single member of staff working on- even the office staff. 

We’re proud to share these photos of one of our favorite jobs with you (thank you Michelle for sending them). 


Thermally Modified Lumber

A new product that we have been working with here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks is Thermally Modified Lumber. Thermally modified lumber can be turning posts, shutters and storm doors. Basically anything exterior.

The wood is modified by a carefully controlled process of the wood being heated at more than 180 degrees Celsius in an environment without oxygen. This changes the some of the cell wall components of the wood. The low oxygen content prevents the wood from burning the wood at these incredibly high temperatures.

This makes the wood both more durable and shrinking and swelling is also reduced which is what makes it a really great option for exterior projects to beautify your home.

We have only just started to work with this wonderful and unique material.

Let us know if you have an exterior project you’d like us to do for you!

Pictured are some posts we’ve done (before being painted) that we are quite proud of!

Exciting times ahead at Robin’s Custom Woodworks!

Here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks it’s been a very busy month. We were fortunate enough to be selected for a segment on News 6 which will air on March 30th, 2017. “Nikki-Dee can you be me” We had Nikki-Dee Ray and her photojournalist Jason Hicks from news 6 in our showroom and shop. We got to talk about the business and how proud we are of the work we do. And then she put on a T-Shirt and got to work on the Dovetail Machine helping make our Dovetail Drawers. Let me just say that the both of them were absolute delights. We had a great time with them in our shop. Robin even made some of his famous ribs for the occasion.

and researching everything under the sun related to the undertaking of shipping our boxes.
We are VERY excited about upcoming projects we have on our docket such as a couple  of custom kitchens, vanities and a few sets of build in’s. We know everything is going to turn out just beautiful and can’t wait to show you guys!

In the meantime why don’t you make an appointment to stop on by our showroom if you haven’t had a chance to yet.