No custom job too small

Here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks one of our favorite jobs are custom build in’s, vanities and even beautiful tables. Regarding our build in’s. We have made them fit seamlessly into the historic homes in the Fan neighborhood of Richmond. We have put them in newer homes and they fit just as seamlessly there.

Bathroom vanities can be a small change like a vanity can take an ordinary bathroom and turn it a luxury spa like retreat only better you don’t have to make any reservations. Opulence and beauty in your own home. You provide the fluffy towels.

Our woodworkers can craft gorgeous custom tables and bar tops as well from unique pieces of wood. You wouldn’t believe the show stoppers that these tables are. Woods that we like to use for these include peaky cypress, walnut and even reclaimed wood.





Also we love to craft kitchen islands. Not only do they add beauty to a kitchen and really amplify the “custom” , they also add an enormous amount of functionality. I mean who doesn’t want extra storage space? Also on this particular island is a beautiful oiled wood top. We can make a large island! We can make a small island! We will gladly make whichever sized island that you need! From the simplest of styles to intricate details that you will love to show off to friends and neighbors. You’ll find yourself wanting to host dinner parties just to show off the island.

We truly believe in this day and age every home should have something in it that you cannot find in another house.

Typically, this starts with a visit into the showroom. We love for you guys to have a look at the quality you can expect from us here at RCW. At this point we love you to bring in any drawings or photos of what you might like to have in your home.
After this appointment usually we Robin will make an appointment go out to your home and take measurements if needed. Quotes are given and if a quote is accepted then we will write up a contract. We also have a draftswoman who can do custom shop drawings of the project. The time this process takes really does vary but we will keep you up to speed every step of the way.

Give us a call or send us an email today we’d really love to help you make your home more beautiful, most custom and more YOU!

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