Thermally Modified Lumber

A new product that we have been working with here at Robin’s Custom Woodworks is Thermally Modified Lumber. Thermally modified lumber can be turning posts, shutters and storm doors. Basically anything exterior.

The wood is modified by a carefully controlled process of the wood being heated at more than 180 degrees Celsius in an environment without oxygen. This changes the some of the cell wall components of the wood. The low oxygen content prevents the wood from burning the wood at these incredibly high temperatures.

This makes the wood both more durable and shrinking and swelling is also reduced which is what makes it a really great option for exterior projects to beautify your home.

We have only just started to work with this wonderful and unique material.

Let us know if you have an exterior project you’d like us to do for you!

Pictured are some posts we’ve done (before being painted) that we are quite proud of!

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